About EmarketingMan.Com


About EmarketingMan

Emarketingman.com is owned and operated by me, John Barbour, doing business as Era Ventures, LLC. The latter is a
holding company for a suite of websites devoted to the general area of internet marketing, home
business, and online network marketing, both to develop residual income for myself, and to teach

My background is diverse. I’m a retired Neuropsychologist, private investor, stock and commodity
trader, and part-time Harley mechanic, among other things. Beginning in 2000, internet marketing
and home business entrepeneurship have been my main interests. Frankly, I enjoy learning and teaching,
and solving puzzles, and the challenge of this whole internet business and marketing thing was just too
much to resist!

Many of the websites that I’ve started were done, quite frankly, as part of my learning process. I find that
I learn best by doing, so as I learned things, I just jumped in and applied them, and the result was a
website, or in a couple of cases, an ebook. I have two of those under my belt, plus numerous articles
that I’ve published on my own sites, or in my blogs, and in various marketing article directories and publications.

Some of the many sites that I own and operate are listed below …

    • Blogging Bonanza is my beginners
      guide to blogging. It shows you how to use blogs and RSS in internet marketing.
    • CoRegistrationServices.com is
      a directory of some of the top vendors for co-registration leads, and serves as a “feeder” for my own
      leads vending site.
    • Email Profit Formula is my ebook
      about the “secret formula” used by top internet marketers in their email marketing campaigns.
    • John Suggests is a collection of my
      top recommendations, and also serves as the central referral domain for my other sites.
    • List Profit is the home of my “List Profit Tips”
      newsletter, and also my email marketing blog and forum.
    • Net Biz Tips started out as an experiment,
      and ended up as one of my two primary recruiting and newsletter subscription/publication sites.
    • New Era Ventures was my original
      corporate site, mainly to give my company an internet “home” and also as a place for landing pages
      for many of my PPC campaigns.
    • New Era Web Hosting is my hosting
      and domain name registration reseller site, originally started to cut my own costs on registrations.
    • Nitro List Builder is, as the name implies,
      a resource for helping you build a large email list as inexpensively as possible.
    • Start Internet Business Today
      is another resource site similar to emarketingman.com. Both are free content sites that generate
      revenue through affiliate links and AdSense earnings.