Automate Your E-Marketing Strategy

Automating your E-marketing Strategy

This section covers hit tracking programs, also known as traffic management programs,e-mail programs, and autoresponders to automate your marketing efforts, your web site, and your routine e-marketing tasks.

Especially if you’re going to do any optimization of your pages for the search enginesor do any Pay Per Click advertising, you need a way to monitor the traffic to your web site, so you can analyze and monitor the success of your efforts. There are several free traffic analysis programs available to do this, as well as paid programs, for those who want more in-depth analytics. I might add that many hosting companies now offer basic traffic analysis as part of your hosting package.

Many webmasters are interested only in how many people came to their site (“hits”), and where they came from. Most of the free tracking programs out there will tell you this and more. Paid tracking programs will tell you how long someone stayed on a page, what page they exited your site from and how many total“page views” you have, and many other useful statistics. This sort of information is invaluable if you’re going to be at all systematic about your marketing efforts, which you should be.

With most of these programs, you count the “hits” on your home page and then the software calculates “page views”, or how many people actually went beyond your home page to look at the content on other pages in your web site. Some sophisticated companies use their “page view” statistics to sell banner space to advertisers, monitor which pages people stayed at the longest, design systems for monitoring e-mail campaigns, and more. The following are a few tracking programs and traffic management programs you might want to try.

Free Counters and traffic analysis programs

#1: Brave Net: Here are a few features of Bravenet Counters:

  • Many different styles and colors to choose from.
  • Each Member ID can have 3 counters!
  • Hourly Statistics with Graph Daily Statistics
  • Monthly Statistics Statistics for the whole
  • Change the look of your counter anytime without
    losing statistics.
  • Change the value of your counter at anytime.

It takes a person familiar with HTML about 10 minutes to sign up for, activate and add this tracker to their home page. To sign up for this great service right now just click here!

#2: MSN Fast Counter

Fast Counter is free and takes only a few minutes
to sign up for and to install. To add fast counter to your home page click here.


Paid Traffic Management Programs

#1: The best traffic analysis program for the money is actually a multi-purpose program. This program not only tracks your page counts and hits but it helps you submit your site and optimize your pages for the best possible placement with search engines. Web Position Gold is an awesome valueDon’t let your competition get the jump on you. Better yet, get the jump on them today by downloading your 30 day FREE TRIAL of award winning
Web Position Gold!

#2: Web Trends Inc. offers a wide variety of analytical and marketing software for small businesses to large enterprise. Their wide variety of products enables a Marketing or IT Manager to choose from a wide variety of products to meet almost any need or budget. To find the right product for your enterprise. visit the Web Trends web site.


Advanced E-mail Programs

If you are going to start handling larger volumes of e-mail, you’ll need an advanced e-mail program that allows you to easily create lists, add and drop people from those lists and possibly auto-respond to common messages.

MailLoop is business automation software that provides affordable professional level auto-response and e-mail management in one package. If you really want to give people the impression you are a professional, then you really need to purchase this program! It resides on your own computer, not on your server, and can be totally configured by you. Sophisticate list managment and bulk e-mailing functions are built in, as is an autoresponder. Check it out!

Eudora is a product of QualComm Inc. Their sponsored version includes advertising that you have to look at every time you open the program but it is still FREE , or for a small annual free, you can get the paid version. You can set up multiple users and identities, signature files, etc. Until you’re dealing with large volumes of e-mail, or a large mailing list, this program may be all you’ll ever need, and it is in widespread use by e-marketing professionals.

You might also want to check out Corey Rudl’s “My Email Manager”, which is the first product described in the paragraph below. Another terrific “all in one” solution from an internet marketing master.



What if there was a product or service that would allow you to develop a mailing list and send personalized “thank you” notes to everyone who signed up or bought a product from your site? What if you could do “broadcast” email to everyone on your mailing list at the click of a button? (NOT spam, but mailing ONLY to people who have “opted-in” to your list ). How about if you could automatically send out “reminders” at regular intervals to people who have yet to buy from you? An autoresponder is a “virtual secretary” that can do all of that.

As your business grows, you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed just by answering e-mail. At that point, you really should consider an autoresponder, but even “new startups” can take advantage of them to quickly grow a client list or “opt-in” mailing list, or to start the newsletter we so strongly recommend.

This online e-mail managerfrom internet marketing legend Corey Rudl offers an “all-in-one” solution. You’ll have tocheck it out to learn all of the features, which include sophisticated autoresponders, database management, security checks, “opt-outs” and MUCH more. The system provides you with everything you need to set up, manage,and send email promotions, and includes tools and features (like newsletter and promotional mailing templates) designed to help even “newbies” become experts at email marketing.

-If you plan to sell products from your site now or in the future, you might want to consider this integrated sytem that not only gives you the autoresponders and data base (client list) management, but also integrates a shopping system into your website, and does all the credit card processing and product delivery for you, with or without your own merchant account.

and sells you an annual license to their software that brings the monthly price down to rock bottom. You install their software on your web site, and manage everything from there. This is the autoresponder of choice for many of the web’s top email
marketing experts.

Get Response is a very popular monthly service that offers a free account, and also has a feature-packed “pro” account. This is among the most highly regarded of the web-based “hosted” autoresponders (i.e., not installed on your site.)