Build Bulk Email Marketing Lists with Co-Registration Leads

Build Bulk Email Marketing Lists with Co-Registration Leads

Building Bulk Email Marketing Lists

You’re about to learn about the little known world of co-registration leads. Quietly, insiders have been to focusing on this method of building bulk email marketing lists because of speed, lower cost, and large quantities of opt in co-registration leads.

Most people don’t know about co-registration services and co-registration leads. They’re used by some of the biggest corporations, and the biggest internet marketing experts, yet not widely written about in courses or ebooks.

The fastest, most cost effective way to build a list of any size you desire, no matter what your budget or your target audience, is to use co-registration services and buy bulk email marketing lists.

Here’s how co-registration works. You can contract with owners of sites (or a network of sites) with traffic to collect a list of names of people visiting their sites who request information based on your offer. You pay per name for each person who responds, and you tell the site in advance how many names you want (or can afford). Some sites will have a minimum order, but that can be as low as a few hundred dollars.

You decide how many fresh email leads you want, and what you can afford, and place your order. Depending on how much targeted traffic the site has relative to how big your order is, you will have your order filled within a few days or weeks.

Sometimes these ads appear on “popups” or “popunders”, while other sites prefer to use the technique of getting their own subscribers first, and then offering additional subscriptions from their own “thank you” page. Still others will place your ad right on their site. Techniques vary, but the concept is the same.

These opt-in leads can be quite targeted because the visitor is already on a site that has something to do with your offer, they will have read about your offer, and, if they like the idea, they will ask for more information.

The website will then collect the information from all those who want more information, and charge you per lead. This fee can be as low as a few cents, up to a dollar or more each, depending upon the quality of the lead, how targeted the visitors are, and the size of your order.

The benefit to you is simple: you don’t have to concern yourself with getting traffic or getting a banner clicked, you just have to insert your offer on a site that already has people on it seeking more information on related topics.

The end result? Using co-registration leads, you can get a fresh email lead for much less than it would cost you in time or money to create the same result on your own. You can pay more for highly
targeted co-registrants, who respond directly to your own offer, or you can buy bulk leads who have
responded to a general offer, such as the opportunity seeker leads that I sell at

Here’s the best part: some of these sites can get you thousands or even tens of thousands of names very, very quickly, according to your budget. As soon as you have received the amount that you need, they pull your listing and you stop getting new leads.

Once you have your list, then you provide (via autoresponder) the free information you offered in your listing.

Just imagine how much simpler your marketing can be from here on out. You won’t have to fuss with search engine optimization, pay per click positioning, banner design, or list rental. You can simply determine what your budget is, pick one of the vendors in the directory, and within a defined period of time you’ll have a list to market your offer, ezine, or newsletter.

Then, instead of wondering how your site is listed in the search engines today, you can focus on improving your offer, setting up JV deals to hit your list with, or simply take the day off and let your autoresponder make money for you.

If you want to market a product, service, or affiliate program, you simply must at least explore this opportunity. You could rather quickly have list of 500 to 5000 names, even on a limited budget.

Remember, the money is in the list, and it’s a numbers game. The more people you have reading about your offer, the more money you stand to make with the right offer, and a good presentation of that offer.