Become a Resource and Customers Will Return

Become a Resource and Customers Will Return

Become a Resource and They Will Return!

by Daryl Clark.

One of the biggest challenges every person conducting
business on the world wide web faces, is how to get qualified traffic
to return to their web site. Business people are always looking for affordable
ways to get repeat traffic. You need to provide a reason for web surfer
to come back to your site, otherwise they won’t. The best strategy is,
to BECOME A RESOURCE for them, then
you will get repeat traffic. Here are a few tools you should consider
using to bring people back to your site.

1. Have a “What’s New” section and update it frequently.
If you are selling products or if you have a portal site, people who have
been to your site once, need a reason to come back. If you are consistently
adding new high quality information or if you offer frequent product promotions,
people will come back to your site more often. To learn “What’s New”.

2. Offer educational information and update it
frequently. My web site contains information that changes over time. This
constant changing requires frequent updates but also acts as a resource
for people to return to my web site for new and relevant business information.

3. Create a web links page. Many companies don’t
realize that one of the best ways to get repeat traffic is to have a relevant
and comprehensive web links page. You can get new traffic and repeat traffic
by offering to swap links with relevant sites. This goes back to the idea
of “being a resource” for your customers. To viisit the web links page at, just click here.

4. Offer free chat from your web site. If you want
to be a resource, offer people the opportunity to chat with other like
minded web surfers at your site! To add chat to your web site, try DiscussWare
for free. This great product adds chat to your site and is easy to set
up. For a nominal fee you can upgrade to Discus Pro. To learn more or
to add DiscussWare to your site visit this URL just click here.

5. Use your newsletter or e-zine to get people
to return to your site. If you have added new information to your site
and you don’t have a “What’s New” page, then list “What’s New” in your
newsletter or E-zine. If you don’t have a newsletter or E-zine, you can
learn how to start one by visiting my newsletter page by clicking
. If you do have a newsletter, include links back to the
location of the relevant text or information in your site. If someone
clicks through, they are very likely to look around and see what else
you have added since the last time they were there.

In summary, it is a shame to have hundreds or thousands
of qualified people come to your web site only never to return! Use the
techniques I have listed and you will get those qualified web surfers
to come back again and again!


Author Daryl Clark, the founder of, has been a regular
contributor to over twenty E-zines, in addition to having written training articles
for the largest Internet Marketing newsletter in mainland China.